W a r m t h  |  iwaoi

W a r m t h | iwaoi

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oikawa tooru isn't the best. 
but he wants to be. 
he wants to be untouchable. 
he wants to be the epitome of perfection. he wants to be golden. 
and he figures, if he can convince himself he IS the best, he will be. 
and so, he does. 
he builds upwards, his pride a tower of accomplishments. 
he builds and he builds and he builds. 
he builds until he's high on his own ego, towering above everyone else. 
but oikawa forgot to ask himself something vital. 

what do you do when you're so high up the only way to go is down?

{iwaoi fic}

warning: strong language

It's hurting my heart that he's acting too straight right now
mayora__13 mayora__13 Sep 22
Ugh that's why I hate oikawa I don't know how come when he said " I love you Iwa-chan " ;/