|Shizuo Heiwajima x Reader| (A Durarara!! Romantic Fanfic)

|Shizuo Heiwajima x Reader| (A Durarara!! Romantic Fanfic)

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Шоlfyє 🐺 By Wolfye77 Updated Feb 11, 2017

The title basically says it all, but to satisfy some readers who want to know the description of this story: It is about YOU who has lived in Shinjuku for 6 years and plan to eventually move back to your home city, Ikebukuro because you miss home and your old friends. You start out good in Ikebukuro, but once you begin to see your best friend, Shizuo, from when you were little, things start to get interesting. 

Authors Note: This is not my story ( although I have a little helping hand in it ), my sister actually made this and is still working on more.
She had made this fanfic for me because I just loooove Shizuo! ^_^ 
But I thought it would be cool for others to experience this Shizuo x Reader because I've read a lot of other ones that make the relationship go fast and I just think it's more romantic or cute when things are taken slow and they develop that love for each other that is truly real.
Anyhow, I got her permission to put this story on my account so please enjoy! 

And on another side note if anyone is interested in any other stories go check out my sister's account ( @WaffleMofo303 )

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