My Boss Is My Ex? {SasuNaru/(Lemon)}

My Boss Is My Ex? {SasuNaru/(Lemon)}

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Levi_Hiecho_Senpai By Levi_Ackerman_Senpai Completed

Naruto and Sasuke were together for my years. Until one day, Sasuke had a one night stand with a girl and got caught.

The thing is Naruto Uzumaki, was pregnant. (Btw, Naruto was a girl at the time)

Not wanting to see the Uchiha, Naruto fled to America where her parents are. Because they have a company. 

When Uzumaki's child is born, and is raised. And Naruto changed her gender into a male.

Naruto forgot about Sasuke. And went back to Japan(with his child) to work for another company for five years so they both can make an alliance. 

But what if, Naruto has to work under Sasuke? 

(>■-■)   "I'll end the summary here."