Don Amore (Mafia Romance)

Don Amore (Mafia Romance)

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LittleRebelxo By LittleRebelxo Updated May 24

Italian Don, Nicoli Bianchi is ruthless. Even his charm, good looks and money fail to hide the beast that lurks within him. His name alone causes men and women to flee; Italy is his empire and he is the sole emperor.

That is until she walks in. His betrothed.

Her purity, kindness and calm nature are sickening to him. Alessandra is what most would call an angel. Her innocent desire to trespass her way into his (what most would call nonexistent) heart irks him to no end. 

Their marriage is a war that neither party is willing to lose.

           The question is: Will the angel succeed in bringing the devil to his knees OR will the devil continue to seduce and destroy?

A story of undeniable chemistry, lust, deadly kisses and.... endless pain.

This is only the first chapter and I'm already so into it. I know that it'll only get better😊
I love this already because it seems like it's going to be pretty realistic
Do you like your mattress fires to ignite with gasoline or...?
She turned red she led me to her bed let her legs spread she said stayyyy hey, hey and I began to pray lord show me how to say no to this
I got I got I got I got
                              Loyalty got royalty inside my DNA
                              Cocaine quarter piece got war and peace inside my DNA
- - Jun 18
Why is it in nearly every mafia book the main female lead is blonde?