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Danganronpa x Reader

Danganronpa x Reader

16.5K Reads 319 Votes 14 Part Story
KiannaKittyYT By Kawai_Marshmallow Updated Feb 01

Since I got into the Dangronpa series, I have been addicted to it. So, in order to be a fangirl of it, I decided to make this!

Requests are open at the time. I take these categories;

1.) Fluff
2.) Yandere
3.) AUs
4.) Any other thing like Soulmate Characters, Insane Characters, or Mastermind Characters

You can request;

♦️Danganronpa 1
❤️ Super Danganronpa 2
♣️Character X OC
◾️Character X Character
⚫️Character X Reader

So yeah. Have fun all of you Danganronpa fans! Also, art for the cover is not mine. All credit goes to the rightful owners.

Can you do a komahina soulmate au thing? It's okay if you don't want to.
SmileToHidePain SmileToHidePain Aug 01, 2016
Don't know what this is but I want to see it.
                              Can you do character x shy scare reader please.
maythekitty maythekitty Aug 12, 2016
would it maybe be possible to do a Byakya Twogami (the inposter)? there isn't enough love for him and he was a really great character!
AnimalCrosser11037 AnimalCrosser11037 Aug 26, 2016
Kazuichi x shy reader or something? Idk something really cute XD <3
xRawrItsLizyx xRawrItsLizyx Nov 29, 2016
Hello c:
                              Hmm, take the lucky dip and-
                              > Young!Fuyuhiko x Young!Reader 
                              If it is possible ;;
dunk-meme-is-alive dunk-meme-is-alive Aug 27, 2016
Maybe Sonosuke Izayoi (from Danganronpa 3 : Future act) x reader ? ;^;