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Danganronpa x Reader

Danganronpa x Reader

14.7K Reads 307 Votes 14 Part Story
KiannaKittyYT By Kawai_Marshmallow Updated Feb 01

Since I got into the Dangronpa series, I have been addicted to it. So, in order to be a fangirl of it, I decided to make this!

Requests are open at the time. I take these categories;

1.) Fluff
2.) Yandere
3.) AUs
4.) Any other thing like Soulmate Characters, Insane Characters, or Mastermind Characters

You can request;

♦️Danganronpa 1
❤️ Super Danganronpa 2
♣️Character X OC
◾️Character X Character
⚫️Character X Reader

So yeah. Have fun all of you Danganronpa fans! Also, art for the cover is not mine. All credit goes to the rightful owners.

SmileToHidePain SmileToHidePain Aug 01, 2016
Don't know what this is but I want to see it.
                              Can you do character x shy scare reader please.
maythekitty maythekitty Aug 12, 2016
would it maybe be possible to do a Byakya Twogami (the inposter)? there isn't enough love for him and he was a really great character!
AnimalCrosser11037 AnimalCrosser11037 Aug 26, 2016
Kazuichi x shy reader or something? Idk something really cute XD <3
xRawrItsLizyx xRawrItsLizyx Nov 29, 2016
Hello c:
                              Hmm, take the lucky dip and-
                              > Young!Fuyuhiko x Young!Reader 
                              If it is possible ;;
dunk-meme-is-alive dunk-meme-is-alive Aug 27, 2016
Maybe Sonosuke Izayoi (from Danganronpa 3 : Future act) x reader ? ;^;
McFluffel_ McFluffel_ Jan 22
Can you PLEASE make either a Mastermind! Chihiro x Reader or Chihiro x Yandere! Reader because Chihiro is my Senpai and I would love it if you did either one of theses Requests