Golden Rose

Golden Rose

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Mary-MGA By maryazevedo201 Updated Nov 20

~What is done out of love is beyond the reach of good and evil.~
Darlessa Tyrell is the youngest of the Tyrell siblings. She loves her family and would do anything to protect them. She is a  witty, confident, cunning and arrogant lady as well as one of the most beautiful women in the seven kingdoms. However, underneath her sassy and sarcastic remarks lies a kind heart, that has a hard time showing its true colours. 

With the Tyrells going to King's Landing and entering the Lion's den, can Darlessa play the Game of Thrones and protect those she loves? What happens when she meets a knight that is just like her? A Knight known as the Kingslayer... 

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--All credits to George R.R. Martin and his brilliant novels and Tv series on which I based this story. Most of the characters belong to him, except for Darlessa and a few other characters.--

whatwver whatwver Aug 01
I'm loving this fic so far. I'm so glad that one of my favourite wattpad writers has decided to do a Jaime Fic !! ❤️❤️
I really like it! I'll read the next chapter after I update my own! As a reward ;)
That thing does half their thinking... Thats gonne be my yearbook quote when i graduate. Ill give u credit dont worry ;)
I just started reading this, and I LOVE Darless's sass! She's like a mini-Olenna! I can't wait to keep reading this!
rakeshgg rakeshgg Aug 20
Gah! U'r so good at writing like how they talk back then! Amazing job.