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Under His Power - Darkiplier x Reader

Under His Power - Darkiplier x Reader

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trash can By FandomsFuelMe Updated Feb 06

A late night of watching videos by Markiplier, is ruined when "He" jumps out of your screen. He proclaims you as his, and you await on his actions. Just don't piss him off. Have fun.

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Dark: Caught you, darling 
                              Me: but people will miss me 
                              Dark: since when did you have friends 
                              Me: RUDE!
arielys2cute4u arielys2cute4u Dec 28, 2016
i watched the video and i am starting to freaking hallucinate in my room in the dark except for my laptop light
I would've been like "NOPE!!! *unplugs computer and throws it outside*
I would just start running outta the room. Remember when you said the room was dark and the computer screen was the only source of light in the room? Welp I'm scared of the Dark so I would be either runinng outta da room as fast as possible, or just screaming like a dinosaur.
fuzzy52401 fuzzy52401 Feb 17
I just had to look up the video to watch it and see what sparked Darkiplier
TechGamer693 TechGamer693 a day ago
I started watching markipliers old videos and omg I watched this and I fangirled so much because I remember it form this book