Private Lover (BWWM) *Mature Content*

Private Lover (BWWM) *Mature Content*

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I really don't know how I got here. I was now a kept woman, the secret affair, the one thing I had told myself I would never be. But how could I ever leave when just one look from Stavaros made me weak in the knees.

"How many times do I need to tell you Kayla you do not question me!"
Stavaros said as he yanked her shirt off sending buttons flying all over the room.
"Now everything off!"
He barked the command with ferocity that it made Kayla jump and do as she was commanded. 

Self made italian billionaire Stavaros Caponie was ruthless and fearless when it came to business. He only had one weakness his caramel, chocolate beauty Kayla Drummond, but he could never let her know how much power she had over him, besides he had an image to uphold he would only be seen with tall, blonde, picture perfect women in public. But his private life well that was his private life and no one elses business but his and Kayla, his chocolate mocha.

I would've asked him to back up with his fine azz before you get jumped.
JocylinAnthony JocylinAnthony 4 days ago
Lmaoooo this book got me feeling emotions already and this is just the first chapter
-daydreamin- -daydreamin- 3 days ago
wtf. if he was as powerful as he think he is, he wouldn't have a problem with sharing a part of himself with his family. that's cowardly tbh.
Exookaiiiiii Exookaiiiiii 4 days ago
Stupidity? No insanity is what it is. (Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result)
-daydreamin- -daydreamin- 3 days ago
nah see some of these white boys be off. kayla might just have to come back cause he can't be acting like that bro.
I'm ready... No I'm not.....😤😧😤😥 (just gotta breathe) Okay, I'm ready 😊