My Fake Boyfriend Part Two

My Fake Boyfriend Part Two

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Part Two of the famous 'My Fake Boyfriend'

His arms were strong beneath me and his lips planted firmly on mine as we strolled out of the classroom, leaving open mouths, surprised eyes and hushed whispers in the classroom behind us. I heard the teacher sigh and I felt a giggle build in my throat. I couldn't belive how much I had missed him. Everything was going so well, perfect. 

I pulled my hands through his soft hair and he kissed me harder, stopping walking to deepen the intensity of the kiss.

It was hungry and full of unsaid apologies and a deep need for this deeper level of affection. My heart ached for more as he pulled away and I could feel tears at the back of my eyelids. 

He was always the first to leave. He put me down and caressed my cheek with his thumb, he smiled softly at me, the smile small but true, lighting up his gorgeous eyes and pronouncing the small dimples in his cheeks. 

"Alexis." He says. And I immediately know something is wrong. He never calls me by my full name and it scared me. I nodded for him to go on. "You are beautiful." He whispered into my hair. Wrapping his hands around my hips.
"Well thank you, Captain Obvious." I wink and he laughs. 
"Vain much, my dear?" He sniggers. 
"As always, sweetheart." I laugh and then we are swaying as if there is music but we can't hear it. My hands are on his shoulders and his around my waist. (Very close to shifting onto my butt...) And then he twirls me around and I am laughing and then he is laughing and hen we both fall into a heap on the ground.

I roll on top of him and kiss him. He tastes so wonderful, like peppermint and sprite. So fresh and wonderful. His hands move onto my back and stroke my hair delicately. 

And I realize,  I truly am in love with this boy...

If she's suicidal she should seek help from a therapist not Aron
ArtsyTartsy101 ArtsyTartsy101 4 days ago
Wait a minute! He doesn't call her that anymore. But so far I'm liking your thoughts on what might happen. 😊
This really pissed me off she try's to kill herself to prove a point THST SHE WASNT LYING wtf