My Fake Boyfriend Part Two

My Fake Boyfriend Part Two

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Part Two of the famous 'My Fake Boyfriend'

Her eyes met mine. It had been weeks since I had last seen her and my heart throbbed deep inside my chest. Her eyes were filled with guilt, regret and hate. 
She was the first to look away. Turning around so that my only view of her was the back of her head.
"Lexi!" I yelled. And everybody in the mall turned to look at me.

Disgusted, annoyed, confused.

"Lexi?" I said to myself but then she turned to look at me, slowly, cautiously. Her eyes glistened with tears, her cheeks flushed to an angry red. Avalon and Britney protectively held her hand, one each.

But I covered the distance between us.
Slowly, but with large strides I moved closer to her. 
I took her face in my hands and kissed her, I was so hungry for her. For so long she had avoided me, leaving me with a weight of guilt, regret and hatred. 

She pushed me away from her.

The tears spilled cleanly now, dribbling down her soft rosy cheeks and onto her shirt. 

"I can't Aaron." She said quietly. "You're not in love with me you're in love with somebody else." And she walked away, pulling Britney away with her. 

Leaving me to face Avalon.
Something stirred inside me. I saw it then! The way Avalon dismissed her with a flick of the wrist, how she lied, how she used Alexis. I watched her as she licked her teeth. How she raised one eyebrow and balanced her weight on a sassy, jutted out hip. Her posture, her stance, her walk, her talk. Her everything. 
I could see the truth behind her brooding eyes, that held chambers of secrets. *HARRY POTTER, I KNOW.* It burned inside of me. I stood tall over her, her eyes suddenly scared.
"You." I spat. "Go."

But even as I watched her flare her nostrils and walk away, I knew that my hooks were stuck deep inside her, and the further she ran, the more of my heart she ripped out.

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Wanekeya Wanekeya Jun 28
Okay..I am now many stories..I lost the one I was reading:-/
cookiesandcream_123 cookiesandcream_123 Aug 28, 2016
If she's suicidal she should seek help from a therapist not Aron
liAnnaSaqq liAnnaSaqq Jan 25
Oooooooooooo999lllllllllllooooooooooiooooooôoo the first place
ArtsyTartsy101 ArtsyTartsy101 Dec 01, 2016
Wait a minute! He doesn't call her that anymore. But so far I'm liking your thoughts on what might happen. 😊