Brick by Brick (Completed) [#Wattys2017]

Brick by Brick (Completed) [#Wattys2017]

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creamyeggyolk By creamyeggyolk Completed

Confessions are scary. Especially so when the one you like is someone of the same gender.
    Ming Kai is finishing his business degree in M university. Terry, an engineering student in his final year, is one of Ming Kai's closest friends and love interest. However, Ming Kai is guarded when it comes to love, and is especially taciturn when it comes to expressing his feelings. 
    An incident in the past caused Ming Kai to build a wall around his heart, but with only a year left before graduation, it only made him more confused on what he should do.


Revision Status: Up to Chapter 22

liz986 liz986 Sep 18
Get it Ming Kai, Get it!(even though you dont swing that way)😄😁
FoxyJung FoxyJung Apr 13
The beginning seem interesting, will add to the library... ^^
                              I feel pity to Ming Kai cause he fall in love to a jerk -,-
liz986 liz986 Sep 18
I want to punch that Weng Kang's face in.👊👊👊💢💢💢🔥🔥🔥
liz986 liz986 7 days ago
Hes going to be even mad when he finds out that Ming is gay.
liz986 liz986 Sep 18
I became like that too, my situation was different, but in the end I stopped talking to people.
liz986 liz986 Sep 18
They shouldnt be friends anymore what an ass. If that happened to me id out him and tell him to not bother with me anymore.😠