Having a YouTube Dad (Jacksepticeye X Child Reader)

Having a YouTube Dad (Jacksepticeye X Child Reader)

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You are a 4 year old child who was abused and abandoned by your only family, your uncle. You were left at random house in the middle of winter with only a long sleeve shirt, pants and boots. When you knock on the door, you are taken in by the most unexpected person, Jacksepticeye 

My first Jacksepticeye fanfic so be nice please and this fanfic was inspired heavy by BadWolfSMC

G/b: Girl or Boy
Y/n: Your name
L/n: Last name
E/c: eye color
F/c: favorite color

lolzgirl13 lolzgirl13 Nov 26
Wierd my fave color IS red!!!!!!!! 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰 lol😂