In the shadows(Larry Stylinson)✔️

In the shadows(Larry Stylinson)✔️

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Erika By PierceWithKellic Completed

Louis family haven't been okay in a long time... Two years ago his two sisters Jane and Frankie got in a car crash after been at a party... Jane died the day after in the hospital and Frankie lost her ability to walk...
With a mother who can't get over his sisters death and a father who only cares about how his sister who's alive is feeling, Louis gets left in the shadows of them because he doesn't need them as much... Or that what he lets them think.

Harry Styles is the brother of Eric Styles the worlds biggest popstar! He is so tired of never being the one his parents is proud of, everything have always been about Eric ever since he was a kid. 

But what happens when two broken souls meet? When two people who both know what it feels like not to be anyone's first choice.

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hazzamaria hazzamaria Mar 31, 2018
Gonna start reading this again for what must be the thousandth time because well, I’ve missed this and I finally after weeks and weeks of going through my reading lists and archived stories rediscovered this, so hurray! 👐🏻
mischeviousmalfoy mischeviousmalfoy Jul 16, 2017
I can tell this is really well written, but there's a lot of grammatical mistakes that make it hard to read. You can tell it's been translated. Love it though
larrybuzz larrybuzz May 15, 2017
first chapter and my heart is already shattered and stepped over on the ground
hazzamaria hazzamaria Mar 31, 2018
You’re a great writer by the way x greetings from your favourite neighbouring country
michellesucks michellesucks Dec 12, 2016
Well, you can Chang your last name to Tomlinson and hen no one would know who you are😉
LarryPhan1029 LarryPhan1029 Nov 08, 2016
I kinda want H to go up on stage and sing and everyone would be like "Eric who!?"