A Killers Game

A Killers Game

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Levi BomBastic By LeviBomBastic Updated a day ago

Killer!Levi x Eren

Throughout Eren's life he has never, truly, had a father. His father was always busy with work, or so he thought. When Eren is 23, his life changes. It will turn from normal, to crazy and upside down. 

A raven haired man is forced into his life. Instead of killing Eren, the man will push him around. Making Eren's life a living hell.

Eren stars to fall for Levi, and he fell hard. Levi is a very dark man, with an even darker past. What will happen when Levi makes the biggest mistake of his life? What will happen to Eren?

DjAngelwolf DjAngelwolf a day ago
I love Cornflowers so much *mumbles* I just wish I could find them in america
Tourment7 Tourment7 Jan 02
This whole outfit w/ the combat boots is me af but you know my mother doesn't like my fashion sense
supergeek00 supergeek00 Aug 01, 2016
I love it soo much. Can't wait to find out what happens next. Good job on the chapter.😊