{Create} (Ink!Sans x Neko!Reader) (NO LONGER DISCONTINUED)

{Create} (Ink!Sans x Neko!Reader) (NO LONGER DISCONTINUED)

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Astro and Jess By Undertale_AU Updated Dec 23, 2016


Y/N you are special 



Just trust me...

Fight for your friends...

UnderArtLuna09 UnderArtLuna09 Nov 22, 2016
Um I don't know how I feel about the VOID because of it is all white I would feel scared and drive myself insane
MythicalRoseReadz MythicalRoseReadz Nov 06, 2016
Me:What the fugecake?
                              Ink: Oh your up!
                              Me:Yeahhhh.....Who are you?
                              Ink:Oh yeah! I'm Ink
                              My mind:Maybe he needs a pen to hold the ink lol 
                              Me: Skyrim Frost
AyanoAshi AyanoAshi Jan 10
If the void is white then I would have a headache all the time....
Phosec Phosec Oct 27, 2016
Me:*wakes up*STRANGER DANGER*slaps Ink*Oops
                              Ink:*rubbing cheek* Oww..