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TRAPPED - Gaster!Sans x Reader

TRAPPED - Gaster!Sans x Reader

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Undertale Reads! By UndertaleReads Updated Apr 24

(Cover Art is not mine.)
You don't remember who you are, or who you used to be. You've woken up in an abandoned costume shop with amnesia, after the second human and monster war. The monsters were victorious this time, and practically all that's left of humanity is trapped in the Underground. You find a journal explaining how to survive trying to live among monsters, and you become aware that you are one of the less than ten humans still on the surface. Deciding to live among the monsters instead of risk it in hiding, you enter a monster-filled city, and meet a certain skeleton.

©2015 Toby Fox. All Rights Reserved.

TRAPPED - Gaster!Sans x Reader:
©2016 UndertaleReads. All Rights Reserved.

moonten moonten May 29
I want sans touching me in places unimaginable RIGH F U C K I N G NOW!!!
KattJones4 KattJones4 Jan 01
I'm a black cat.... & maybe I got some yellow eyes & have my canines sharpened 2 a point (careful not 2 bite myself)!!!!!
mango7479_ mango7479_ Sep 29, 2016
What do the soul colours mean? I haven't bin in the fandom long enough to now yet 😔
TheShrugirl TheShrugirl Dec 20, 2016
"I hope you like... spaghetti" *Paps smashes a dish of it in YO FACE*
                              (if you get the statement)
SupremeYolo SupremeYolo Oct 21, 2016
Turquoise with a small and big light blue star in the top corner 😏
How come the first thing that came to mind was Tokyo Ghoul...?