If Looks Could Kill OHSHC

If Looks Could Kill OHSHC

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TheOtakuFreak14 By TheOtakuFreak14 Updated Jan 08

Fujimoto Katsura grew up with parents that hurt and neglected him. He found out he could do something especially frightening that resolved in the death of his parents. He jumps around the foster system and soon starts at a new school.
      What will happen when he meets the beloved crew of the OHSHC? Will they find out his dark secret? His past? Will he fall in love?


It is Yaoi BxB sooooo.....

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ShadyAnimeFan678 ShadyAnimeFan678 Sep 04, 2017
The bandages remind me of Levi from Aot Jr High and his band No Name
Delcats_World Delcats_World Jun 30, 2017
OMFG IT'S RED!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Fan girls loudly, lol I'm sorry...( ̄ω ̄;)*
canineheart canineheart Nov 01, 2016
German shepherds are my favorite dog breed  XD might be getting one around march.
Raven_mellanna Raven_mellanna Feb 07, 2017
                              If you didn't know already I am holding up air quotations right now
Babymonty10 Babymonty10 Oct 24, 2016
Hey im a little confused ... does he have an illness that requires him to have a dog or is it that his eyes are coverd.... if its his eyes then how can he be seeing
I_Am_A_Panda__Rawr I_Am_A_Panda__Rawr Sep 20, 2016
When I read Fujimoto Katsura
                              Father Fujimoto popped I to my head