Down This Path » S. Stan

Down This Path » S. Stan

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❝I'm ready to walk down this path with you if you're willing to do the same with me.❞

		❝We've been ignoring all the conspicuous signs for so long that I just think... that maybe we might have missed our window, that maybe we're just a little too late.❞

		In which newly-casted actress, Jean Pierce, falls in love with her on-screen enemy, Sebastian Stan. 
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i already love that story xx it's the first social media fic i've ever read and i'm going to comment on every chapter from now on <3 but maybe i continue tomorrow because it's kinda late ... i know i should be sleeping by now but it's more interesting to check on wattpad and listen to music, haha xx
omg i totally love the originals! it's my favorite tv show actually ❤