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Werewolf RP

Werewolf RP

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Batman -_- By Batman_At_The_Disco Completed

Doesn't the title say enough? If not this is a werewolf RP. RP is short for Role play.

oc_Eris oc_Eris Jan 27
Hey there. I was just looking through this RP and I may be interested in submitting a form. 
                              However, questions. 
                              Must I have two abilities and powers? Or can I have just the one? 
                              (Sorry, there may be more questions to come. Thanks.)
IzzieEdenburn IzzieEdenburn Dec 10, 2016
I have a question can there be humans that do not turn into wolves cause I want my oc to only only be human only
Frostbite-the-hybrid Frostbite-the-hybrid Nov 12, 2016
Do you have to have an element or power? Or can you not have either?
I'm a beginner of RP so if I mess up I'm very sorry. Plus is it to late to join.
Hi There. This Rp Seems Really Interesting, And If You Are Still Accepting Forms, I'd Like To Make One. But I Have A Question. Is It Alright If Silver Stops My Oc From Using Her Powers Rather Than Burning Her? It's Perfectly Fine If You're Not Alright With This.