I Trust You (Legolas x Reader)

I Trust You (Legolas x Reader)

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You are a beautiful Elven princess, expecting to discuss trade with Lord Elrond, only to find yourself face to face with a wild adventure. 
     Your fellow adventurers include four hobbits, two men, one dwarf, and one rather handsome Elf, who has caught your eye....


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I do not own the Lord of the Rings or its characters. All rights go to J.R.R Tolkien and Peter Jackson.
I also don't own you, you own your self

txdesi txdesi Aug 18
I love it!!! You have a wonderful mind to even come up with this stuff!😃 I'm horrible at writing. 😝
Bwahahahahaha in real life when I wake up my dad he'll go king kong and whine like a baby -_-
txdesi txdesi Aug 18
Great so far! Just the name of the book means it's great!😝
SugarMusic SugarMusic Oct 23
Lol please I may wake up early but I hate mornings and I lay in bed after I wake up for three hours at weekends.
Hah precocious? More like I'm so clumsy I worry everyday about whether or not I'll trip and die while getting off my bed...
Ok... Prince Billy Bob Joe McShmickadoodle II
                              Yeah idk where that came from... WHAT IS MY MIND