Forever? (LiLo paynlinson) Book 1

Forever? (LiLo paynlinson) Book 1

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Louis and Liam have been best friends ever since they first met each other. Their friendship grew for eachother but at the end of year 6 when they was going into secondary school, Liam had announced to Louis that him and his family were moving else where across the country.

Find out what happens in this LiLo Paynlinson fanfic.

In this series, I will be doing different short bromance stories. First starting with all the 
Louis ships. (LiLo, Larry, Nouis and Zouis) 
then all the 
Liam ships (LiLo, Niam, Ziam, Lirry)
Then all the
Niall ships (Nouis, Niam, Narry, Ziall)
Then all the
Harry ships (Larry, Lirry, Narry, Zarry)
Then, last but not least all the
Zayn ships (Zouis, Ziam, Zarry and Ziall)

As you can see, there will be two lots of each ship. But I will try and make a different story line, or maybe a book two.

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