AU sleepover {reader X sans}

AU sleepover {reader X sans}

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pixelNinja180Z By pixelNinja180Z Updated Oct 08

(Guys this is a full story! Not one shots!)

Your mum thinks your too young to stay home alone for a week so she decides to take you to stay with a babysitter, you think this is going to be the most boring week of your life but WILL you. Change your mind when you meet him...

"You don't have to do this"
"come on"
What's the worst that could happen"
"It's just a dare..."

Ok so u are leaving me with a (I think) eighteen year old skeleton that I have the biggest crush on???? I don't see a problem here
Fabwa123 Fabwa123 Oct 11
For a moment there i thought it said that sans kissed our head and i was like 'woah, too soon m8'
AbbyPina AbbyPina 5 days ago
( not to be offensive) Your missing some letters and your punctuation.
ItzGabrxiella ItzGabrxiella 6 days ago
I like how i call mom mum,AND I LOVE JOKES AND PUNS!!I better KETCHUP to sans.Omg XD im DYNE!!!😂😂😂
Fabwa123 Fabwa123 Oct 11
Maybe I'm a mutant. And a ninja. And an age ending with 'teen'.
I love ❤️ this so much it is really funny and hilarious 😂🙃🙂🙃🙂😜😜😝😝😆😂😁😃😋🙃🙂😜😝😘😍