Lock Down

Lock Down

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Elsa never expected her day to get worse until she saw what was in front of her.


Riverbank high is a private high school only a lower class kids with outstanding grades can go to as it is a rich kid school. 

Elsa was lucky enough to get in and meet many friends and even get romantically involve with her now boyfriend, Jack Overland Frost.

Jack Overland Frost is a senior while his current girlfriend is a Sophomore. He's the guy that all the girls die for and love but his eyes are for Elsa only.

Two events, one lock down, one heart break, and many deaths.

Read the book to find out bitch, because descriptions are made to advertise our shit, so read it.

  • andhighschool
  • death
  • gore
  • heartbreak
  • jackunzel
  • jelsa
  • lockdown
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  • thriller
*claps* amazing! Author has done it,she enters the lazy zone😂😂😂👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻❄️
Oh hohoho~ where the Frost is waiting to spoil her muahahaha~😂❄️
Actually yeah. But then again,life is just being a b¡tch not God😂❄️
Oh my gosh you make cry but it so cute love story first I don't like to read it but now i like to read it everyday
The last sentence of your description of this book got me hooked😉
darker-than-light darker-than-light Nov 10, 2016
sooo... i just wanna say, I like the last sentence you said in your description 😂