Ezria's baby

Ezria's baby

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Mrsfitsgomery By Mrsfitsgomery Updated Dec 07, 2016

Arias Pov:

I had just finished putting darcy to bed when there was a knock on the front door, it was probably the landlord because it was the day I needed to pay the rent on my house. I opened the door and without looking up I started handing the money over.
"Sorry it's mostly in twenties but I didn't have any over notes"
When I looked up to see the landlords face I realised it wasn't the landlord... It was Ezra?!
" oh hi Ezra sorry I didn't know it was you..."
"Hi Aria nice to see you again"
This was the most uncomfortable I had felt in a long time.
"W-what are you doing here"
"I know it sounds weird but I was in the neighbourhood, so I thought I would come and see how you are"
This was so weird it has been 5 years since I last saw him and now he just turns up at my house.
"Oh well um do you wanna come in for coffee or are you busy?" I asked.
I knew he wasn't busy because he wouldn't of come here.
"I would love to stay and have coffee" ezra said happily.
This was soo weird he was in ...

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