Lovin' The Devil

Lovin' The Devil

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Sydney Woodruff By sydney_w24 Updated Feb 22

His love was a drug and she needed one more hit. 
He was so addicted to her, he could see the stars. 
Wind hurtles through the dark night as demons wonder the streets overlooking their king sitting in a brittle chair about to collapse in a yellow hospital room.

"I fought for you dammit! I took a knife to the stomach for you and you are telling me all of this bullshit!" I yell from the hospital bed as I crunch the crisp blankets under my hands.

"Cathy! I hid this from you so you wouldn't run from me. I need you to be my Queen, to be my mate! I love you!" His voice is broken and rough due to not speaking for a week while waiting for the beauty laying on the bed to wake up.

"I fell in love with you! I gave you everything. I died for you and your telling me that I have to die again just to be with you. I call bullshit where is the camera man, what prank challenge is this?" I scream out at him and he just sits there.

"He was a demon." His voice is quiet, almost like he is testing the waters.

"Fuck off you nut case." I say in a whisper so quiet he should not have heard it.

He hears it as clear as fucking crystal.

"If you loved me, you should have told me that I was going to have to die for you." I exclaim and tears start to form.

"I promise that after you die the only thing I will ever do is protect you, you never have to die, experience pain, or heartbreak again. Cathy I love you and I will do anything to be with you." His eyes are shiny and the grip.on my hands has increased. The drips from his tears land on my arm and travel down, reaching to the needle.

"And why is that? Why do you love me so much?" I question pushing my face closer to his. He leans over the bed to where my breast barley touch his chest and leans his mouth right next to my ear.

"You, baby doll, are the Devil's mate."

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bridgetbrownv bridgetbrownv Oct 06, 2016
um its kinda obvious xD my moms name is Catherine but I call her cathy