Fifty Shades of Purple

Fifty Shades of Purple

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Welcome in our weird family ♥ By Katerinaki_Styles Completed

"Every colour has their own dark and light shades...and i can show you all those shades,dear...every single one of the shade of purple."~Vincent

Warning:This book contains kink,if you dont like this stuff and make you uncomfortable,please,dont read it.

Important:Some of the quotes in this book are from the Fifty Shades of Grey book,so credit to EL James.

writerwolf269 writerwolf269 5 days ago
wait is this going to be a fifty shades of gray thing? prubably
MCDorkgirl MCDorkgirl Jan 03
Does Vincent~Kun is gay?
                              DOES JUMIN HAN IS GAY?!!!
                              these are questions  I ask my self
Don't be gay senpai... Don't be gay...
                              SENPAI IS GAY...
                              Here's another Yaoi for u guys
My parents are watching American Horror Story in this moment....ehm....yeah.
XD I watch 50 shades of black and now my vision of this being 50 shades of gray is ruined XD
This is a question I would ask
                              "ANSWER THE QUESTION VINCENT!! ARE.YOU.GAY?!