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『Koi No Yokan』Dazai Oneshots

『Koi No Yokan』Dazai Oneshots

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hiatus By MianaeBun Updated 4 days ago

❀incoherent stories that I made up


❀feel free to correct my grammar

Never_Mentally_Alone Never_Mentally_Alone Dec 01, 2016
Don't worry about your grammar and spelling, I didn't see any mistakes. It's perfect! Way better than me 😉
Kinky alert!kinky alert!*inserts lenny face*
                              I regret nothing*wierd laughter*
GriseldaRoseberry GriseldaRoseberry Sep 08, 2016
Dazai's lesson number 1: if you won't see a beautiful stranger ever again, take a photo of them while they're asleep !
Derpfangirl244 Derpfangirl244 Dec 21, 2016
So you're trying to flirt with me? Dazai, that's a great way to flirt or calm me down.
WinterHeir WinterHeir Dec 29, 2016
I was getting concerned about his health in this oneshot... So many hours in, and no suicide reference? ;)
SunnyTheFinnicFox SunnyTheFinnicFox Dec 19, 2016
Let me re-phrase that: he was obviously trying to flirt with you