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Sai X Reader

Sai X Reader

14.2K Reads 857 Votes 14 Part Story
Mimi3359442 By Mimi3359442 Completed

When you were 12, one of your brother's best friend (13) went in your room and kissed you. You didn't know who, but now your 16 And trying to figure out who it was...


GalaxySenpai GalaxySenpai Dec 07, 2016
But I got pregnant from you and you first wanted me to abort the babies
DJ_Marly DJ_Marly Feb 12
Duh it's obvious 
                              That he's happy
                              GAY MEANS HAPPY LOOK IT UP PEOPLE
UmeJuuzou UmeJuuzou a day ago
I only dated someone like 3 days because how weird and stupid it was
Julissv Julissv Jan 31
You kissed naruto and ur nick name is sasuGAY so u wouldn't be talking
I remember when my friend dated someone for an hour then dumped him after lesson... so stupid
deadlyweapon10 deadlyweapon10 Dec 22, 2016
Bitch I will get Jeff The Killer to make you "Go To Sleep"!!!