Aphmau lemons

Aphmau lemons

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Aphmau pov
Today I'm home alone till 7pm because katelyn and kawaii chan are at work, so I decided to invited Laurence over today to have some fun

Laurence pov 
The guys and I were supposed to watch conjuring 2 today, but then I received a text from aphmau asking if I wanted to go over. I said yes unknowing what we were going to do,

3 person view

Laurence walked over to aphmau's house. He knocked on the door to hear the upstairs window open, it was aph.   " the door is open can you come up stairs I.... Um .... N need help w with something." 

Laurence pov
I walked in aphs room seeing she's not here until I feel something pull me to her bed! I look up to see aphmau kissing me , I kiss back making her look in shock. I look down to see she's only in her purple bra and underwear, I start to get a boner from seeing her like this. I flip over her do that I'm on top I start kissing her neck trying to ~ moans~ never mind found it I was trying to find her sweet spot and found it I start to k...

laurmaurules laurmaurules Dec 27, 2016
*bathes in ocean of holy water* AAAAAHHHH IT BURNS NOT EVEN GOD CAN BRING MAH BACK
xX_SHIPPER_Xx xX_SHIPPER_Xx Dec 05, 2016
.......... can someone get me back in touch with mah innocent side?......
the most guy talk in the world, i can just imagine the flirts in my class saying that
NekoGriffin NekoGriffin Dec 05, 2016
WydZiggy WydZiggy Sep 03, 2016
"SHE GOT THE D" 😂 I can imagine Garroth and Dante saying it at the same time😂
Sanae-HHGZ- Sanae-HHGZ- Nov 29, 2016
The guys POv is my favourite part I can't stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂