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A Pirate's Heart (One Piece fanfic) [EDITING]

A Pirate's Heart (One Piece fanfic) [EDITING]

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Emizou By SlayersRevolution Completed

[cover drawn and edited by yours truly] 
Rhythm D. Jade. Jumping Jade. The Beat. These are all names for the great single pirate with a 210,000,000 beli bounty on her head. When she meets up with Monkey D. Luffy, the join forces to save an island in the grasp of pirates, and in the way find more than just treasure and a few new scars.

Mine is March 7 and my best friends birthday is on the 4th too!
Uhh he's called Whitebeard because when his name was translated from japanese to english, Japan uses the same word for both the beard and the mustache, so it became this from the languages not coinciding perfectly well.  It generally just means facial hair.
-gay-sunflower- -gay-sunflower- Sep 14, 2016
Heels: torture item made specifically for females including, and shoe that makes you go tip toe all the time, and made to have you balance on a stick.
WildClaw360 WildClaw360 Nov 06, 2016
In music, each count is 4 beats, I understand the 6 counts of 5 past 4, but 2 count ago?
BUGGY231 BUGGY231 Jul 14, 2016
huh... never thought I'd see my name in a fan fic of a anime that has my nickname for one of the characters names.....
iHeartReadingandBook iHeartReadingandBook Aug 20, 2016
Did anyone think of Gajeel from Fairy Tail once you read this and looked back at the pic?