Wait...I Didn't Sign Up For This!!!

Wait...I Didn't Sign Up For This!!!

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AiraHeiwahima By AiraHeiwahima Updated Nov 29

{Book 1 Of The "Destiny Legacies" series}

While pre-cumming I returned his last favor by sucking his neck and damn wasn't he moaning. 

Something worried me, his fangs were showing, I wasn't afraid, just cautious of the unknown.

Since I stop it seems he notice my worries and finally talked. "Don't worry my wolf,im not gonna bite you,at least not for now."

Durhher😂😂😂😂😂😂*Fawn's voice*(the animal fairy off of Tinkerbell)
MisSolstice MisSolstice Sep 26
English is not my first language either :3 it's actually the 4th...
                              But to be honest, I like English more than my other native tongues :b
Awee she looks like the barbie off of that barbie movie the 12 sister I think that's what its called😂😂😂
YukiChan801 YukiChan801 Oct 08
I love him but he gotta chill if he doesn't wanna be rejected
YukiChan801 YukiChan801 Oct 08
Also I would've slapped that bitch for flirting he doesn't need to control himself XD
CoolFlutist CoolFlutist Oct 16
Aira please forgive me but as a trained musician I can't call myself like that if I don't correct this but
                              It's not bass guitar it's just bass