Wait...I Didn't Sign Up For This!!! (BoyxBoy)

Wait...I Didn't Sign Up For This!!! (BoyxBoy)

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{Book 1 Of The "Destiny Legacies" series}

Meet Aiden, the next Alpha of the Royal Mist pack on his journey of finding his mate and the obstacles he will pass for it.Sure, this will be a cliche, or so you think. Cx

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MisSolstice MisSolstice Sep 26, 2016
English is not my first language either :3 it's actually the 4th...
                              But to be honest, I like English more than my other native tongues :b
Itz_Dyastiee_Bihh Itz_Dyastiee_Bihh Sep 29, 2016
Awee she looks like the barbie off of that barbie movie the 12 sister I think that's what its called😂😂😂
FrejaThePanda FrejaThePanda 6 days ago
Well english is not my first language either but I much prefer it. I'm from Denmark so my fist language is of course Danish but I also learn German and a bit or Swedish and norwergian(I think that's how you say it) in school so yeah I'm with ya xP I'm so excited to be reading this
Sweet_twitch Sweet_twitch Dec 31, 2016
My face when the girl I don't like tries to talk to my boyfriend or girlfriend or my face when someone's says they don't like me
Why does she look like she would be sarcastic when she grows up
MisSolstice MisSolstice Sep 26, 2016
Are you using a phone to type this? Lol I get a lot of problems with these crazy devices myself