After Humanity

After Humanity

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Stacey L. Polishook By stpolishook Updated 3 days ago

There was a time when humans ruled the world. Back in the period now known as "Earth that Was," the human race had everything. Technology, innovation, a place above all other creatures at the top of the food chain. But times change. Now in the year 450 of the sibla reign, humans have lost their status as the dominant species.

Taller, stronger, faster, and more intelligent, some say the sibla evolved from humans long ago, slowly taking power as their numbers increased. Others say they were sent by some deity to punish humanity for its mistakes. Either way, "Earth that Was" is gone and humans must face the reality of a world in which they are no more than animals, domesticated beasts bred for their master's various needs and hungers.

Rachel Turner is only eight years old. Born in Demin, one of the last remaining free human settlements on earth, she has never been forced to face the reality of life under a sibla master, living a carefree existence in her hidden village.

Magnus Kendrick is a sibla farmer with a sizable estate on which he raises all manner of livestock, from chickens, to sheep, to...humans. He is also the man destined to purchase Rachel's life.

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N-E-Shonski N-E-Shonski Oct 23
@stpolishook Ooooh, I do love them but I'm not opposed to bad things happening to them. Ee! I will keep reading :D
N-E-Shonski N-E-Shonski Oct 23
@stpolishook Oh heavens no. xD Have at it! I love gore and violence. ;p
N-E-Shonski N-E-Shonski Oct 23
Lmfao. I had not expected to see a sheep. xD I love how you've laid this out. Perfect!
N-E-Shonski N-E-Shonski Oct 23
@stpolishook I have to say the sheep really made an impact. :P I adore sheep. It's also tying in with the cover so it does really make you think what the connection is and how they're involved. :D
deejaybee deejaybee Nov 06
Thanks for the warning,the bar of my expectations has now been set to extremely high so let's get to it. :o)