TROUBLE.(a harry potter and the marauders fanfic.)

TROUBLE.(a harry potter and the marauders fanfic.)

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The Marauders and Lily travels to the future accidentally after James refused to give the time turner to Dumbledore.

Okay so this is my first harry potter fanfic and i dont know if you guys are going to like it or not but anyway tell me your opinion. 



All rights go to Jk rowling. <3

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_rise-up_ _rise-up_ Jun 18, 2017
Close 'friends' Oh so very close.... You mean the relationship or the bodies? :3
Florabunny00 Florabunny00 Nov 08, 2017
Ahhhhh Remus will find out that he was killed just a year before! And that Sirius got killed 3 years before! And James and Lily got killed (about) 18 years before!
WaterWizard WaterWizard Oct 04, 2016
'Friends'? The hell with 'friends'! The OTP must live! 😂😂😂.
                              Seriously though they should be together.
Putaricatropica Putaricatropica Feb 05, 2017
I have a question... In the books the battle is in 7th year but here it sais its gonna be peaceful? And then Neville said "recovering from the war"? Is this based on your fan fiction or did you accidentally mess up the years? Hehehe sorry just a little weirded out
Dam-Blue-Cookies Dam-Blue-Cookies Feb 18, 2017
The chapter title makes me think of Starkid.
                              Back to witches and wizards 
                              And magical beasts
                              To goblins and ghosts
                              And to magical feasts
                              Its all that love
                              And its all that I need.
HarryPotterlover445 HarryPotterlover445 Oct 29, 2016
Oh puh-lease Harry. You of all people? Having a normal year? Impossible.