How To Be A Daddy (Cashby) (DdLb)

How To Be A Daddy (Cashby) (DdLb)

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Austin Carlile has been dating Alan Ashby for six months. They were in love and had a perfect relationship with very few secrets. The only Austin had though was huge. Bigger than pretty much any one of Alan's.

Austin Carlile was a little. A grown ass, six foot tall, twenty five year old man who enjoyed acting like he was two. One day Alan walks into Austin's room and finds the man cuddling with his teddy bear, wearing nothing except a shirt and a diaper. 

Can Alan figure out how to be the perfect Daddy for Austin or will he give up and leave the life he's not cut out for?

Dom!Alan  Little!Austin

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This is so weird like Austin tops but I'm lowkey okay with Alan topping rn
spookyjosh- spookyjosh- Aug 28
this is literally the first cashby I've read were its alan!dom lets do this
Why do I feel like this has been in my search history before.