The Devil's Son, My Mate

The Devil's Son, My Mate

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Jane Anne By TeeAnneJane Updated Nov 13, 2016

Lilly has lived at the Pack house for years now. She has had no luck finding her mate. When her father goes away on Pack business the neighboring Trident Pack sees their chance and attacks.

When she comes out of the underground lair she finds bodies everywhere, but what really catches her eyes is the strange man standing above the body of the Beta. Will a secret of her ancestors tie her to the Angel of Death?

Azazal is the Devils son, and known as the Angel of Death. When he comes to gather the souls of the lost he finds more than he expected. He finds a woman who makes him feel things he has never felt before. Her touch sends shivers down his spine. Who is this woman, and what does she mean mate?

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I wonder what was in the deleted video?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
illumanati_00 illumanati_00 Sep 12, 2015
actually Azrael is the Angel Of Death just putting that out there
TeeAnneJane TeeAnneJane Mar 24, 2014
The update for this story is almost done. I'm hoping to have it all typed up today and posted
pata10 pata10 Oct 17, 2013
Very interesting opener. And I gotta ask, are you a fan of Klaus from TVD lol??
Voyageavecmoi Voyageavecmoi Oct 11, 2013
Interesting combination of the two ideas. The summary does a good job grabbing my attention.
- - Oct 01, 2013
I despise werewolf stories, and crossing it with demons is just...what? But the idea seems interesting.