I'm Having Your Baby~ Markle

I'm Having Your Baby~ Markle

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MARKLENESS By 80s_1985 Completed

"I WANT TO KNOW WHO, AND I WANT TO KNOW NOW! Who is PREGNANT?!" Topanga yells in a stern but somehow calming voice.

Riley looks at her and jokes while laughing "mom.. You and dad rarely let me out of the house without Maya.. So it's obviously not me"

Topanga and Riley look at Maya.

Maya looks panicked, but nods.

Riley hugs Maya and says, "oh peaches.. We'll get through this together like we always do! So... Is it true?"

"... Yeah..." Maya answers.

See I like your writing but I'm a hardcore Lucaya shipper so I guess mentally I'll replace Farkle's name with Lucas *Shrugs*