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What Do You Want From Me? (Teacher! Hajime Hinata X Reader)

What Do You Want From Me? (Teacher! Hajime Hinata X Reader)

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🌴anna senpai🌴 By anna--senpai Updated Nov 22, 2016

Hopes Peak's Reserve Course's alumni Hajime Hinata is responsible for teaching main course class 77B. Having only graduated 3 years prior, he is practically still a student himself. Less than enthusiastic about his new job, he becomes entranced by the Ultimate Bookworm (y/n) (l/n), who somehow manages to stand out even among the fifteen other Ultimate students. But that's all she is, right?

queenwist queenwist Feb 07
sssh age doesn't matter when it comes to our love, daddy hajime
                              wink wink
panta_ panta_ 4 days ago
Yeah the first thing I resort to after being bullied is a library.
anna--senpai anna--senpai 6 days ago
I just read my own writing and I've never cringed so hard I hate myself but I love this
Kirkland__ Kirkland__ Jan 24
I read books about 2 per day (if the books like Harry Potter) or 5 of 'em xD
Annaliz99 Annaliz99 Feb 11
Depends really how old y/n is. If she's 18, it shouldn't be a problem, considering she'd be a legal adult.
PersonNumberOne PersonNumberOne 6 days ago
I r ead th a t  a s str a ngl er s th a nk g o sh he is ok ay