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Never Been Hurt (Dan Howell x Reader)

Never Been Hurt (Dan Howell x Reader)

7.7K Reads 315 Votes 24 Part Story
BringTheSirens By PierceSleepingBrides Updated 6 days ago

After Y/n left her abusive relationship everything started to look up for her. She moved in with their best friend, after some time she met Dan Howell.

nibor498 nibor498 Feb 11
The_Cutie_Kat The_Cutie_Kat Dec 01, 2016
That happens all the time to me.
                              I'll be somewhere where they ask my name and it'll be like
                              "What's your name?"
                              "It's Kat."
                              And they write it as Cat. Like I get that's how it's usually spelt but would it hurt to ask "Cat with  K or C?"
Ellie3376 Ellie3376 4 days ago
MARKIMOO!! JACKABOY!!! MY CHILDREN YES!!! (I don't watch Felix)
OliviaVereshaka OliviaVereshaka Dec 23, 2016
i tell myself the same thing "just one more chapter".... its now 2:16am
Dil_With_This Dil_With_This a day ago
*ordering at starbucks*
                              "What's your name?"
                              *got my drink* sees my name is spelt 'Sofia' instead of Sophia or sometimes they would spell it like 'Sopia'
TaliaOfTheTARDIS TaliaOfTheTARDIS Dec 12, 2016
I've only ever been to america once ;( I loved it tho I went last summer to Orlando and we all can't wait to come back and literally just sit and stare and the thunder and take photos and gawk at how frikkin amazing the 1) sun is and 2) PANCAKES ARE