Uncaged Wolf; Untamed Witch

Uncaged Wolf; Untamed Witch

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Subject K41, also known as Kai Moonhowl, is stuck fighting for his own life. Three years ago he was kidnapped by scientists, The Hunters who are known by their name, The Wolfsbane. Kai who's 19 and next in line for the Alpha position for his pack, is stuck in the middle of who knows where being tortured and studied by the Wolfsbane. And he's dying. And needs to escape. 

Galatea Maverly, or Tea (Tee-ah) is a 17 year old witch, next in line to become Queen over the witches and wizards. She hates her training and is a rebel. It has been a law that all werewolves are enemies with the witches and wizards. But when fate puts these two enemies together, its a recipe for disaster. Beware the uncaged wolf and the untamed witch.

the reason  you wrote this book alone has me wanting to read it. You obviously are a great friend to whoever he is.