The Dusk Amber Digit (Halfstreet Archives)- genre: Steam/Otherworld Teen

The Dusk Amber Digit (Halfstreet Archives)- genre: Steam/Otherworld Teen

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Loraphine By Loraphine Updated Jan 07, 2011

Your inquiries and impressions are valuable and welcome. 

2nd note:
I must warn you in advance; these glimpses of the archives which are transmitting from the 27th day December, in the year 2010, have not been verified by Panalou herself,and are only collected through Loreriding come of the ethers in her apothecary (as intuited and recorded by Aetherist Zoem). If you develop symptoms of fever, or find the story continuing itself in your REM-time without permission, please contact your local chapter of Cha for assistance. I cannot help with lore-acquired symptoms, and will not be held responsible for symptoms of Kem reemergence in your cell memory. I trust you will apply liberal amounts of gold salve to your anahata before continuing. 
Also, as the aethergraph has been on the fritz, only short segments of each archive can be made available as they are categorized and posted. 


  • afro-asiatic
  • faerypunk
  • kem-asiatic
  • kemetic
  • poetic
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  • steampunk
AlexThomas AlexThomas Feb 24, 2011
Very eloquent writing style. A tad hard to follow, but the strange tone in which it is written gives it uniqueness. I like that. There were lovely descriptions throughout. It was a bit choppy and smoother scene transitions would make this piece better than it already is. A good start overall. 
LadyBlueBird LadyBlueBird Dec 31, 2010
LOL. I hope I catch on soon :) Either way you remind me of a beloved style that this girl at my school writes in, and it is a magical style that requests you keep your wits about you when reading.
Loraphine Loraphine Dec 30, 2010
*wonders why the formatting is all wonky, even after adjustment*
Loraphine Loraphine Dec 30, 2010
(updated w/ two additional parts, and additional interactions (each at the bottom half of the previous parts) added early morn 12/30)
                              May add footnotes for unconventional items in city/world where they've only been given definition by context.
Loraphine Loraphine Dec 30, 2010
('entry beyond the gates passage' added early morning 12/30 *_^)
live_laugh_love96 live_laugh_love96 Dec 30, 2010
I'm not quite sure if I get this story to tell you the truth...  it's too confusing but if I did follow it correctly, then it's a pretty unique story :)