Road To Nowhere [On Hold]

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xxfall3nros3sxx By xxfall3nros3sxx Updated 3 years ago
Trystan was once your average high school straight A student, she would hang out with her friends on the weekends. She would win all of her volley ball games, she would get honor roll status every report card, and she was a happy young women. But one night Trystan crashed her car and killed her boyfriend, leaving her with a horrible depression, she drinks her pain away every day until her mother can't deal with it anymore and sends her off to a rehab facility for 6 months. Trystan hates every minute of it until she meets Carter, a young teen who abused pain killers to cope with his parents deaths. Will Trystan finally learn how to love again and let people in? Or will Trystan push him away just like everyone else in her life?
:( this literally broke my heart