The New Guard Of Clarines

The New Guard Of Clarines

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GalaxyGirl_101 By love_peace_ships Updated Jun 18, 2017

Mae was born and raised in The Claw of the Sea. Yep! Born and raised by pirates! 

The captain was her mom. She was getting more violent with her punishments for her crew members, but she would never DARE to hurt her daughter. 

Mae never knew who your dad was, but that was okay with you because you had a great mom until she got hostile. This caused had caused some problems... and what ARE those problems? Well, you'll have to read to find out.

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That is my middle name it is from the Roman goddess of spring growth
Littlemissniffler Littlemissniffler Dec 30, 2017
Or miroku... Anyone get that and sits with tamiki in the emo corner... Anyone get that mushrooms...reference anyone?? and dies
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I found another friend mom!! Are u proud! Why!?! They aren't internet friends.. Osh.. u just jealous..
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*dose the gollum voice* it's the precious it's the precious!!
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No no no travis is no jerk and he's way more handsome than raji
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*cough* yelling *cough* 
                              *Cops bust in yelling with guns pointed at me* I SAID NOTHING!!!!!!!