The New Guard Of Clarines

The New Guard Of Clarines

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GalaxyGirl_101 By love_peace_ships Updated Jan 02

Imagine if Shirayuki never existed. Imagine if you basically replaced her. 

Well, you were originally born and raised in The Claw of the Sea. Yep! You were born and raised by pirates! 

The captain was your mom. Until after you were 10, she was getting more violent with her punishments for her crew members, but she would never DARE to hurt you. 

You never knew who your dad was, but that was okay with you because you had a great mom until she got hostile. This caused you to run away to a city known as Tanbarun. She was cared for an nurtured for by a female guard named: Ayumi. You stayed there. 'till you were 18... The problem was: The Prince of Tanbarun: Prince Raji, never approved of Ayumi's "adoption" of you. 

So when Ayumi accidentally says something about you,  Prince Raji dedicates the rest of his life to finding you. 

Ayumi still wants to protect you so she packs up both of your stuff and takes you into a deep forest where you set up a small cottage and live there. 

You have a nice 1 year there until there's a little incident that causes Ayumi to get severely injured. 

You are almost completely helpless until a man with white hair comes to the rescue.

Prince Zen...

_Love_Anime01 _Love_Anime01 Nov 22, 2016
*dose the gollum voice* it's the precious it's the precious!!
Nanami_Nekotta Nanami_Nekotta Oct 17, 2016
*cough* yelling *cough* 
                              *Cops bust in yelling with guns pointed at me* I SAID NOTHING!!!!!!!
elfcos elfcos Aug 10, 2016
This seems rather interesting judging by the description and first chapter. Can't wait for the next update.
Nanami_Nekotta Nanami_Nekotta Oct 17, 2016
*gasp* IT'S BLACK JUST LUKE MY SOOOOUUUULLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emmyquake emmyquake Oct 26, 2016
.i love snow white with red hair i can watch it over and over and i wont get bored season one is better than season two though