Chapter 19-21-27-37-46-(45 bonus) An alpha's daughters crush could he be the one

Chapter 19-21-27-37-46-(45 bonus) An alpha's daughters crush could he be the one

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Chapter 19


Mel's POV

Earlier today:

Me and Rennie had a great talk with my mum earlier all about us Mating, She started from the beginning and she talked us through the whole process.

 Then we asked her about what the elders had said about if you mate before your sixteenth birthday. She started to laugh at us .We stood there staring at her "WHAT" we both shouted at the same time. By this time she was bent over and had tears running down her face and her hands holding on to her sides from laughing so much ,I was getting mad at her and I could see Rennie was too !

When she calmed herself down she explained, Sorry girls it's just you two fell for it to ,"WHAT  DID WE FALL FOR"I shouted ,getting very impatient as if this wasn't hard enough speaking about our sex life with MY MUM.

Ok girls I'm sorry the elders set that story up so the children wouldn't Mate so early, they wanted to keep their girls babies for as long as possible but as you can see ...

KimRivard KimRivard Nov 30, 2017
It was good,  it could have went a little slower but really good
my god, if there are bts army's like me on here they'll get this, it's like a fan-fiction all over again
HannyParamore HannyParamore Feb 27, 2012
U are an amazing sex writer. That probably sounds really pervy!
khassal khassal Feb 14, 2012
@gabby1314  :D I promised i would upload I'm just sorry it took so long!
                              I hope you enjoyed it though
Polly-Pocket Polly-Pocket Jan 22, 2012
can you please upload chapters 27 and 46 again?? i love your book so far! :) xx