Age Doesn't Matter {A Chris Jericho Fanfiction - SLOW UPDATES}

Age Doesn't Matter {A Chris Jericho Fanfiction - SLOW UPDATES}

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✨ 10-30-16 ✨ By wwepersonal Updated Oct 17

"Bree, I can't." Chris mumbled against my lips as he slowly pulled away. "I can't keep doing this."

I pulled away completely, a frown coming to my lips, "What do you mean?"

"I can't love you anymore. I--"

"It's because of our ages isn't it?" I cut him off, grabbing his hands in mine. "Who the fuck cares about our ages? Age is just a number. If you truly love me, our ages wouldn't affect what we have going on."

I went to let go of Chris' hands but he pulled me against his chest, kissing me passionately. Giving in, I returned the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms under my butt, pulling me up against him as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"You're right, age doesn't matter." Chris mumbled against my lips.

Unfortunately, age did matter in my father's book.


Cover credits to @idkrollins <3 Thanks again!

I love Chris Jericho and I haven't come across many stories about him so I'm definitely excited for this.
Imagine Bree dating her older sister's ex ; lmao. Savage at heart ; XD.
Watch where you're going ; you stupid idiot. Or you might run into it. XD.
Damn family and all their overprotectiveness.
                              Chris is seems so innocent + it's not him she should worry about. She should worry about IT.