I Was Lucky ( carl grimes X reader)(Editing)

I Was Lucky ( carl grimes X reader)(Editing)

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Cali By Crisalea Updated May 16


Living in Connecticut your whole life, you were used to crowded. You grew up in a small area with a lot of people. Lucky for you, you were on a road trip with your family at the time. I say lucky because you were in the middle of Georgia when the outbreak happened. Although, something about your family makes you wonder if you would be better off trying to fix the world then fix your family.

I do not recommend reading this if you're under the age of 13.

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DADDY4201 DADDY4201 Apr 28
Im going to be 13 and im 5'9 TRIGGERS why im i reading a fanfic of a guy that is 18 dont ask
The brother reminds me of a brown-haired Johnnie Guilbert, at least that's how I picture him.
imgoingtohellanyway6 imgoingtohellanyway6 Nov 19, 2017
so he looks like my best friends brother....who also happens to be my rl crush...this is going to be a little odd for me
MaggieMiracul0usN0ir MaggieMiracul0usN0ir May 31, 2017
But I'm Sofia!!!!!! Die mini clone, I'm gonna call you mmmmmmm.................
                              Natasha, because yay Russia
Clouds-in-my-Head Clouds-in-my-Head Feb 07, 2017
I have two blonde headed sisters and a game addicted older brother we call bubba ( or bubbles lol) so relatable
Clouds-in-my-Head Clouds-in-my-Head Feb 07, 2017
I like how it says under thirteen, like I've been watching the walking dead since I was nine and I've watched it five times over! I love these stories tho.