The Bad Boy's Dares

The Bad Boy's Dares

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Ashton Carter never turns down a dare. No matter the risk.

He's a bad boy. A player. But most of all, he's a dare devil. But why? 

Why does this badass have no care for himself?

Most of all, what limits does he have?

Isabella Jones, better known as Bella, is the closest thing to an angel you can get. 

A virgin when it comes to anything and everything bad.

Upon meeting the baddest guy there is, what will happen to her good girl ways? Most importantly what will happen to his bad boy ways?

I dare you to find out in...

The Bad Boy's Dares

ak20020624 ak20020624 Jul 06
How ironic. I ate a cookie while I read this. It's a shame she couldn't finish her's 😂
TheeJester TheeJester May 29
What if theres a joke that I like? Can I use it and if you credit?
MadaAlsaati MadaAlsaati Jul 10
I remember an awkward story.. When I met someone they held out there hand so I can shake it but instead I fist bumped it and..
Prologue is amazing .. looking forward to book ...♥♥♥♥
Dallastbfh Dallastbfh Aug 01, 2016
Thank you so much for the early support I should have the chapter up by tomorrow(: @Xxaesthxticxx @lolkrissy