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The Inquisitor By Carikavanlog Completed

If you ask Haze, newborn human babies are better off being drowned. Festering on an island, the human race grows more of a mistake than a freak of nature.

Haze didn't ask to be alive. She knew being a human and a Creed is as shameful as it got. Being tied to the bloodline who started the War of Races would have anyone embarrassed, expect for her father The self-proclaimed king of the human race kept true to the Creed ideals that was until he slipped up by sleeping with her mother. 

Living as the evidence of his failure to keep the Creed blood pure, Haze doesn't make it easier for herself as she keeps looking for the truth behind her mother's supposed death. That was until her strained relationship with her father snaps.

Days into winter, her father is given the opportunity to get rid of her and he doesn't hesitate. Sent to the mainland where given who she is only death, Haze is forced to adapt and forget the person she was on the island in order to survive problems she gets tossed right in the centre of.

Among beings older than mountains, she learns truths to lies making up most of her life and what exactly her bloodline has to do with issues of the Val.

*Absolutely beautiful cover by @sugarcrystal

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orchidwood orchidwood Aug 05
Incest? Jesus Christ what century are we living in?
                              And that old fool remarried?
Her aunt is her step mother? Sounds like something out of Hamlet. XD
orchidwood orchidwood Aug 05
Holy cow. After this chapter I just notice that the main character was a girl ._. #wasted
orchidwood orchidwood Aug 05
I can hardly wait for your description of Derek. 
                              Of how skinny he is and how weak he looked. Ugh, I need that bomb. Your descriptions are 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
orchidwood orchidwood Aug 05
Well, with no doubt you'll be neck deep in shît soon enough
orchidwood orchidwood Aug 05
Your father... deserves to be buried in horse shît. 
                              And you need to rule the m-freaking human world.
                              (Idk why, but I can't help but imagine them as faeries.)