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The Inquisitor By Carikavanlog Completed

If you ask Haze, newborn human babies should be killed for their own good. Festering on an island, the human race grows more of a mistake than a freak of nature.

Haze, the bastard child of the self-proclaimed king of the human race, spends her days in the underbelly of the island taking every measure to find her supposed dead mother. Sacrificing her own happiness and freedom with her relentless searches, her already strained relationship with her father grows worse until it snaps. 

When an opportunity rose for her father to get rid of her, he didn't think twice. Sending her to the mainland where humans and especially her family are hated, her life gets torn apart. Thrown into the business of the Val--magic-wielding beings--she gets wrapped up in the troubles brewing in the dark grooves of the mainland. 

Among beings older than mountains, she must stay alive long enough to find the truths hidden from her and pick apart the riddles tied to her bloodline that could save everyone.

*Absolutely beautiful cover by @sugarcrystal

slyeagle slyeagle Jul 05
"looked/see" lack of tense agreement. Should be "look/see" or "looked/saw." Given the sentence, I advice the former.
                              Also, what makes her breaths "selfish"?
zuko_42 zuko_42 Jul 09
Her aunt is her step mother? Sounds like something out of Hamlet. XD
slyeagle slyeagle Jul 05
What does anger smell like, I wonder?
                              Also, like, their mother, my aunt? Their mother my grandma?
slyeagle slyeagle Jul 05
Stumbled backwards where? Into the house, because she had been standing by the door?
slyeagle slyeagle Jul 05
"made me snap my gaze away." Could easily be "pulled my gaze away, caught my gaze away," etc. Simpler is usually clearer.
slyeagle slyeagle Jul 05
"Signature look" means a cultivated style. The hair and the eyes should be related to heritage, not style, unless you really mean everyone in the family is bleaching and curling it the same way!