Ruin of Roses

Ruin of Roses

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The Inquisitor ⚘ By Carikavanlog Updated 4 days ago

The island taught her only one thing in her nineteen years there; your life above the rest.


Haze Creed is a prisoner. Along with the rest of humanity, she is sentenced to an island for crimes against the Val--the magical races of Uboros. Until new charges against her family are brought to light.

Arrested for crimes she did not commit, she becomes the first human to leave the island in fifty years.

Taken to the mainland with little but the clothes on her back and a prayer, she faces an opportunity and a choice. Help the Val to regain her freedom and live on the mainland or face the consequences of the crimes she is convicted of.

All she has to do is give a pint of her blood.

A pint that unveils a problem much larger than she agreed to fix.

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_obianuju _obianuju Jan 31
first damn chapter and u already giving me heart attacks •shît• Hal tf u do
This needs editing. Maybe the writer can ask someone to edit it. I believe many people will be interested
JRT4ylor JRT4ylor Dec 26, 2017
"lump of scrap and told Hal to fix it,"
                              ...scrap and usually I told Hal...
JRT4ylor JRT4ylor Dec 26, 2017
I edit as I read. Just tell me you don't need it or want it or whatever and I'll quit :-)
                              " glinted amber looked and "
                              Remove "looked" - unnecessary word.