Danisnotonfire  Smut

Danisnotonfire Smut

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Smøl B̶l̶u̶r̶r̶y̶f̶a̶c̶e̶ By Mittensisnotonfire Completed

(Diff Stories Btw) Dear god what has my life become. So I'm sitting I'm my bedroom at about 2:09 Am bored as crap, thinking hm I wanna write some sin. So here I am, don't enjoy whatever you do (Jk) Mum, I'm sorry if you read this one day after I move out of your house, when this becomes totally (not) a real life book. *checks how long of time I've taken to say this* Well Shit Let's Begin the Sin.

~Mittens Thy Cat (Where art thy ü with Shakespeare?)

                              I think i was high when making this fanfic. Please kill me.
TaylorA29 TaylorA29 Jun 14
Fav color- blue/black/red
                              Fav animal- wolf
                              Relationship - taken (bi)
                              Things I love - Dan and Phil, TOP, P!atd, Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, t shirts, sweatshirts, short hair, sarcastic people 😂
Fave colour: Black
                              Fave animal: llamas and lions
                              Relationship: single Pringle
                              Things I love: Dan and Phil, P!ATD, FOB, BVB, IM, MCR, BVB, BMTH, YouTube, internet, Wattpad.
                              Sexuality: (Ik this wasn't on there but eh) Bi
Twin is that you? Except im am a single non ready to mingle pringle
You said you like YouTube, what's your favorite YouTuber? Mine is Dan OR Phil, lol
Fav colour:Purple
                              Fav animal- bee
                              Relation:TAKEN BY ERIDAN SENPAI
                              -things i love:BEES! SEADWELLARS AND ..... SMUUUUUT
                              End me