exposing nasty ass fandoms

exposing nasty ass fandoms

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the names dw By fandomexposedt Updated Dec 27, 2017

this may not be original but y'all gotta admit there's so much bullshit that has been missed smh and i'm here to restore that.


tagged spiritual bc it will hit u in the feels.
no copyright or y'all gon catch these hands.

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AeroContagious AeroContagious 7 days ago
Thank god we need more peopĺe like u. Like whats with all the hate if u dont like a group u dont like them u dont jave to put them down for it
FionaBanksx FionaBanksx Jan 26
You're right. Like I love BTS soooo much, but a lot if ARMYs need to chill tf out ahahaha
Hello, it me
                              The army
                              Who entered this book because of army
                              Also because I have no life
jaemless jaemless Jan 24
wait, can i ask? aren't you're thingking twice before writing this? because SOME OF THESE BITCHES are gon get triggered.
Yeah! It’s so annoying! Or when they say that an idol looks like a bts member even tho the bts member is younger. It’s like bruh logic means that the bts member looks like the other idol, not the other way around.
And my friends now think she is an army she only cares about bts and judge me because these people so this