exposing nasty ass fandoms

exposing nasty ass fandoms

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dw By fandomexposedt Updated Aug 29

this may not be original but y'all gotta admit there's so much bullshit that has been missed smh and i'm here to restore that.


tagged spiritual bc it will hit u in the feels.
no copyright or y'all gon catch these hands.

zoyzoydesu zoyzoydesu Oct 22
no bitch they're all ripping off the real king gerard way 😤😤😤
breadgf breadgf Jul 31
ppl tht shame girl groups for doing something and then praise boy groups for doing the same damn thing,,,,,
Me:*watching an ihascupquake vid*
                              Me:*goes though comment section and notice a bts comment*
                              Me: oh god help me
oddgallery oddgallery Jul 31
ya'll know this person bout' to spill some tea, imma just watch from the sidelines though
some sones, not all of them, seem to hate on every other girl group and be like "snsd are the Supreme Queens!!!1!1!1" like, there was a video on you tube called like, '2NE1's cl cannot sing' and it was like 'let's compare her mediocre singing to our queen tiffany's voiceu!!!1!1!1'
^ like when im watching a satisfying vid of a girl mixing paint and theres a comment like 'omg yoongi oppar's mint hair'