exposing nasty ass fandoms

exposing nasty ass fandoms

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the names dw By fandomexposedt Updated Apr 21

this may not be original but y'all gotta admit there's so much bullshit that has been missed smh and i'm here to restore that.


tagged spiritual bc it will hit u in the feels.
no copyright or y'all gon catch these hands.

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lee_gkdlel lee_gkdlel Apr 05
But of stop going everywhere and being salty I mean really? They went to go attack suran on her insta because she put S❤️S: SURAN LOVES SPAIN in her caption and y'all go attacking her and saying Yoongi doesn't like her type.
elizeexo elizeexo 3 days ago
i already know where this is going, it happens everywhere i watch. It gets annoying.
kpoji- kpoji- Apr 29
this book is biased as fck lmao 
                              a multi fandom egg who likes dragging armys first
choke_iwa choke_iwa Apr 08
Exols and army, some obvious ones, so many are just bratty attention seekers.
i feel that one XD i always want to delete yt when seeing such Comments
-prdsdxf -prdsdxf 5 days ago
dafuq so like red hair dye and genetics weren't available before hyyh?