From Friends to Lovers

From Friends to Lovers

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sadness By Nymphadxra Completed

Scorpius won't shut up about Rose.

Albus won't stop complaining about Scorpius.

Both families are still trying to heal from what happened that night.

Things fall into place and people realize who they're actually in love with.

phan3133 phan3133 5 days ago
I pissed because that book was queerbaiting at its finest idc what anyone says.
scorbus stories give me mixed feels. like I love it but it makes my heart hurt cause I know drarry didn't happen and drarry is life.
As sensational as it will be when you use that lube with- I'm getting ahead of myself.
this story is making me angry, for i did not sign up for scorpius and rose
I just realised why everyone was calling the ferret draco
                              its because dRaCo HOW COULD I NOT HAVE NOTICED
never_nat never_nat Jul 11
Whenever I see the bread head I think of Gordan Ramsey yelling panini heaf