from friends to lovers ; scorbus

from friends to lovers ; scorbus

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"i think the world is falling apart and no one can make it better but you..."

albus is in love. draining, destructive, deadly.

he's stuck in something greater than he is. people who have been forgotten are not always gone... 

who else lurks in the shadows of voldemort, a villain dead, though his followers work effortlessly to revive what he started.

albus is in love. is scorpius?

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So Scorpius is Light and you are darkness and He'll be inside of you yeah I Like that story
i’m can’t look at delphi the same after meeting the actress who plays her 😫 she’s so nice it’ll melt your heart
Seriously I'd love to see a story likes this but the main characters are freinds with ravenclaws and their just like "yep their in love" and just laugh as everyone fails miserably to see it.
Ironic Delphi is prophecy obssesed and is called Delphi. Like the Oracle of Delphi from greek mythology
occxmy occxmy Apr 09
At the play ( I saw it Saturday, loved it ) when he was being crucified, Anthony’s shirt lifted up a bit it was cute I love Anthony and Sam
brokenbeans brokenbeans Apr 01
hold up, don’t get your knickers into a twist. also i think albus should be mad at rose since her parents are basically forcing her to become friends with him and it seems like that’s the only reason she’s doing it