GMW Preferences + Imagines [Requests  Open]

GMW Preferences + Imagines [Requests Open]

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Em By pixxiewingz Updated 4 days ago

Imagines + Preferences for  Lucas, Farkle, and possibly Zay and  Josh. All from the show "Girl Meets World." They will  probably be OOC at times. I  can  do  imagines with  actual  characters liking each other. I can do "Girl X Girl." I can also do "Male!Reader" or genderbent characters.  I    don't  do lemons/smut 

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Nashleo Nashleo 5 days ago
I want it to be cute. Lucas and I are best friends and he realizes that when we have a cute moment (by your choice). Zay and Farkle tease him about him liking me. Once he realizes, he tells me. But I'm confused over my feelings so I reject him.
pixxiewingz pixxiewingz 5 days ago
@Nashleo  can you please pm the request to me? I ask everyone to do this and I don't want it to get lost on notifications
Nashleo Nashleo 5 days ago
Name: Nashlynn Coo, Nicknames: Nash, Lynn, N, [Lucas' nickname for me: princess], Height: 4'9, Eye color: grey, Hair color: in between red/dark purple (obviously dyed)
Nashleo Nashleo 5 days ago
He tries to kiss me, putting hands on my face like with Maya, waiting but I move away.
Nashleo Nashleo 5 days ago
Badass, sassy, fiesty but sweet and loyal when it comes to Riley, Maya, Zay, Farkle and my friends.
Nashleo Nashleo 5 days ago
Just do it in a thirds point of view, so the word Nash is used and you can write about both of their feelings at the same time.